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April 9, 2014
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UAlberta research uncovers good news for pregnant immigrants

Zubia Mumtaz was surprised when a recent study of hers brought “good news,” especially since evidence suggests pregnant women have difficulty seeking maternity care when migrating to foreign countries.

New 3-D sock could give vitals directly from the heart

Socks and smartphones are conventional aspects of everyday life. But a University of Alberta professor is working to combine them with the heart in a 3-D manner, which could potentially replace the current crop of artificial cardiac pacemakers.

Open Educational Resources aim to make textbooks cheaper

Ever-heightening textbook prices may have some students stretched thin, but a newly launched initiative is aiming to ease the financial burden for the province’s post-secondary students.

33 per cent of obese kids are metabolically healthy

The number on the scale isn’t the only factor in determining an overweight child’s overall health. Researchers from the University of Alberta and Alberta Health Services have found that up to a third of obese children may not actually be at risk of developing obesity-related diseases.

Student-designed low-emissions car ready to race

A team of University of Alberta engineering students is counting on a small car to win a big prize this month as they test the limits of fuel-efficient transportation.

latest feature

The Future of CIS

When the Canadian women’s hockey team won gold in a 3–2 overtime comeback against the United States at the Winter Olympics in Sochi this past February, only five of the team’s 21 players had actually pursued their post-secondary education and hockey developmental training in Canada.

arts & culture

The Head and the Heart makes a comeback after touring burnout

In the months that followed their fateful incorporation, the Head and the Heart found fan and critical acclaim for their rustic orchestral sound and wistful optimism.

SuicideGirls burlesque offering blends together sultry and nerdy

The SuicideGirls burlesque troop stomped into Edmonton and gyrated into our hearts last Friday during the latest stop on their Blackheart Burlesque tour.

Flop Culture: How I Met Your Mother Series Finale

With the series finale of How I Met Your Mother, the creators concluded nine seasons of laughter and tears — and that was basically my reaction to the finale: angry tears and a lot of “I-can’t-believe-they-did-this” laughter.

The Zolas return to Edmonton with exciting new band lineup

For a band that recorded most of their first album in their piano player’s parents’ basement, the Zolas have come a long way from their humble beginnings.

Bruce Peel exhibits inventive pop-up showcase

Few books inspire as many oohs and ahhs from readers as the iconic pop-up book, with its stories and illustrations physically leaping from the pages.


Editorial — I promise you that we’re all going to float on alright

Final exams. Graduation. Grad school. Summer job applications. It’s safe to say February through April is the most stressful time of year for the average student, as many of us scramble to figure out what exactly we’re going to do once the safety net of university is gone.

How to choose between Pokémon Red or Blue

Pokémasters Ryan Bromsgrove and Petros Kusmu go head-to-head in an argument to end all Poké-arguments

Thank you for a lifetime full of wonderful memories

I’m about to walk out the door and call it a day on my illustrious Gateway career. It’s been two years worth of laughter and tears, but there’s a few things I need to get off my chest before I hang up my hat. There are some things about this job and my personal life I need to say out loud for the sake of keeping my sanity.


Ignacio strikes back against adversity

Pandas soccer star and former NCAA standout is The Gateway’s Athlete of the Year

Bears hockey, Baker headline annual Gateway sports awards

After a year of tremendous athletic achievement, The Gateway sports staff gives you our annual campus sports awards.

U of A athletes on top once again in The Gateway’s CIS team awards

For the second straight year, the University of Alberta Golden Bears and Pandas put together the most successful performances at the national championship level as their teams clinched national championship banners in three different sports and CIS medals in four others to claim the title of the best athletic’s program in the country.

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The Head and the Heart makes a comeback after touring burnout

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