Throwback: Drop A-Bomb On Russia Says Speaker

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November 5, 1948

“From the military point of view the U.S. should have dumped the bombs on Russia, a year ago,” said Col. D. S. Harkness, M.P., in Monday’s forum discussion of “The Atom.”

Talking from the scientist’s point of view was Dr. G. B. Scott, while Rev. G. B. Caird of St. Stephen’s College represented the theologians.

In the event of an atomic war, Col. Harkness expressed the belief that all major cities would be blanked out and the remaining civilization would revert to a “primitive, agrarian society.”

Dr. Scott and Col. Harkness agreed that there is no practical defense against the Atom Bomb.

Both stated that the A Bomb is no secret. Any nation, they said, with enough scientists and the necessary materials can and will make them within five or six years.

“Only an ultimate belief in the Church and that for which it stands will bring about permanent peace and security,” said Rev. Carid. “For in greed, pride and laziness we have the seeds of war.”

The speakers felt that World Government, based on laws the people of the world will acknowledge and obey, is imperative to control the Atom Bomb, if civilization as we know it is to continue.

Held in Med 142, the meeting was presided over by Mr. H. B. Mayo, honorary president of the International Relations Club.

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