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Dat App: Trivia Crack

Cost: Free
Platform: iPhone, Android

Trivia Crack is one of those apps you regret down-loading 10 minutes after you start playing it. It’s nearly impossible to put down — like, ever — and it will consume most of your free time.

The game either pits you against your friends or random opponents and tests your knowledge in six different categories: geography, science, enter-tainment, history, art and sports. Each category is personified by a cute character, which you win by answering questions correctly. To win the game, you need to earn all six characters from each category, which you can either challenge your opponent for, or earn your own. You receive three lives, and with each new game you lose one and must wait an hour before they reload. Therefore, choose your opponents wisely so you aren’t stuck with someone who won’t play you back.

The only downside to this game is the lengthy ads playing after you answer a question wrong, but that’s all the more motivation to pick the right answer. You may be asking yourself why you’d want to play an educational game over a mindless one like Temple Run. If you’re going to be ignoring your professor and on your phone in class anyway, why not learn something new while you’re at it.

Dat App is a feature where technology-obsessed Arts & Culture writers keep you updated on the latest time-killers so your wasted time can be as fun as possible.

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