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Fashion Streeters: Kayode Famade

Name: Kayode Famade
Year: 4th
Program: Geology

Q: Describe what you’re wearing today:

A: I’m wearing a fedora and a nice, wool, thick scarf. And a nice jacket that fits really good. I like to wear longer jackets, because they fit my figure better. The jacket is from Zara, the fedora is from Simons, the scarf is from Simons, the sweater is from RW&Co, the trousers from Simons, and the loafers from Aldo.

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your style?

A: I just dress up. It’s not like I go somewhere to look. I just look at my wardrobe. I arrange my wardrobe according to sweaters, shirts, and colour. So I just look in the morning and see which one looks best, and I put my trousers on top, so I can see the colours and match the colours together.

Q: When you go shopping, what do you find is lacking for men’s clothing?

A: Shirts! There are no good shirts in Canada. I order my shirts from London. I’m not wearing a shirt today, but usually I wear high collar shirts, cotton, slim fit, buttons, sometimes with stripes, sometimes just plain.

Q: What are you looking forward to wearing in the spring?

A: I don’t like shorts, so I still wear trousers. I really like wearing pam sandals. They’re like leather slippers.

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