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Flop Culture: The future lack of Poehler and Fey at the Golden Globes

After three magical years of having the reigning queens of comedy hosting the “other Oscars,” their tenure as the most fire hosts has come to an end after Sunday’s show.

They did not leave quietly. They blasted the recent Bill Cosby rape scandal as well as  lighting up Hollywood for giving George Clooney a lifetime achievement award and not his badass human rights lawyer wife.

The Globes will never be the same, but we will always have the memories. And the YouTube videos of their monologues.

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  1. They’re going out with the world’s quietest bang. We’re talking dropping a paperclip on carpet level bang here. They weren’t terrible hosts, but they certainly weren’t especially funny either. Their jokes were at best smile-worthy. Not condemnable, but nothing special.

    And a Bill Cosby joke is about as racy as a knock knock joke at this point. Everyone and their mom is making Bill Cosby jokes. Heck, you get flack if you’re not making them.

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