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Brew Crew: Bootlegger Ale

Brewery: Prohibition Brewing Co.
Available at: Sherbrooke Liquor Store (11819 St. Albert Trail)

We all have that one friend who can only be described as basic. We don’t mean it as an insult, in fact, we say it with love. They have no hidden features or quirks, they simply are what they say they are. Bootlegger Ale is that basic friend, a solid, reliable brew with no surprises, one that you can go back to time and time again and be confident that nothing has changed.

The pour is as bubbly as a tipsy white girl; the gorgeous amber colour is her spray tan. The head, much like a pair of Ugg boots, is tan and devout of taste. On the nose we have malt and light flowery notes, not unlike the smell of an early morning walk of shame in Lister. The taste is nothing special, but you’ve had much worse. The only place Bootlegger Ale surprises you is with the aftertaste, which rests heavy with carbonation on your tongue long after the last sip.

If you’re looking for an alcoholic friend with no surprises, Bootlegger Ale will suit you just fine. It may not be your best beer, but it certainly won’t be your worst. It’s that basic friend who thrives on mediocrity. It’s the Coors Light of craft beer. It’s so basic that it makes you cringe a little bit but you love it just the same. It’s Bootlegger Ale, and it’s not half bad.

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