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Brew Crew: Death of a Contract Brewer

Brewery: Shmaltz Brewing Company
Available at: Sherbrooke Liquor Store (11819 St. Albert Trail)

Some things should never mix, like chili powder and marshmallows, Kanye West and opera, or redheads and daylight. With the arrival of Shmaltz Brewing Company’s Death of a Contract Brewer black IPA, we stumble upon two more things that should never mix: dark beer and IPA.

The pour is thick and unnaturally syrupy, producing a thick, dark head that lasts throughout the entire tasting experience. The colour combination of the brew with the head is identical to that of a tall glass of Guinness, however, that’s where the similarities to good beer end.

On the nose we have notes of burnt wood and heavy malt, with the obvious presence of strong hops. The same two flavours appear again in the taste, mixing together to create a sludge of burnt taste and hops. The contrasting flavours are heavy on the tongue, making for an incredibly unpleasant taste.

Overall this brew makes no sense. Why someone would combine heavy, burnt malt with overwhelmingly strong hops is beyond me. If you feel like punishing your taste buds, this might be the beer for you. If not, let it rest on the shelf among the other things that shouldn’t mix, like workplace Christmas parties and LSD, or family reunions and one-night stands.

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