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Fashion Streeters: Jondrei Bictoria Alcain

Jondrei Bictoria Alcain
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Gateway: Describe what you’re wearing today.
Bictoria Alcain: I’m wearing a plaid perry jacket with a Top Shop cardigan. And distressed frame denim, happy socks and Doc Martens.

Gateway: What inspires your style?
Bictoria Alcain:  I like to be relaxed. That’s why I wear a lot of oversized things. Except jeans. I like really fitted jeans. It’s hard to find men’s jeans because I have a really small waist so I have to wear women’s jeans sometimes.

Gateway: How has your style evolved in the last five years.
Bictoria Alcain: I have a much cleaner look. I used to wear a lot of graphic t-shirts. I still do wear some, but I like to look more minimal compared to five years ago.


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