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Flop Culture: Bitching About Bands Changing Sounds

Although no new songs have been released, Facebook users have been losing their minds at Mumford and Sons’ press release that states that their new music will feature electric instruments. The band, which is known for generally agreeable acoustic jams, has a world-wide following of hip indie kids who are apparently afraid of change. In reality, Mumford and Sons doesn’t owe anything to you. They are a group of professional musicians who are allowed to create art however they seem fit. If the Budweiser of folk wants to put a little more flavour in their music, good on them.

Posting a boring cut-and-paste status on social media isn’t going to make Mumford and Sons reconsider their decision to change their instrumentation, so stop flooding newsfeeds with your whiny opinion. Facebook is a nice place where people should feel comfortable catching up on hot UAlberta Confession gossip and cat videos,  and tainting it with some band that people stopped caring about a while ago is totally uncool.

Flop Culture is a semi-regular feature in which Gateway pop culture pundits shake their literary fists at ridiculous events or celebrities deserving of an inky bitch-slap.

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