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Streeters: Would you wear a smartwatch?


Would you wear the new Apple iWatch?

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Blue Knox, fifth-year Arts

“No, I’m old school. I have a watch. I like my watch no I wouldn’t wear it. But I like something mechanical. It’s nice to have something that isn’t plugged in all the time.”

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Charles Lewis, first-year Science

“No, I like my watches. Like, they tell time. I don’t want an application watch that’s not just devoted to telling time.”

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David Sawyer, fourth-year Engineering

“I think those will be out of date fairly soon. You buy one and then in two years there’s a new piece of technology already, you might as well just get a regular classic watch, I think, or even a quartz crystal watch.”

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Hannah Barlow, second-year Computing Science

“I don’t usually wear a watch so probably not. I just find it a bit bulky. I tend to not like having things on my wrist.”


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Oumar Salifou is a political science student, The Gateway's 2018-19 Editor-in-Chief, and radio journalist.

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