Brew Crew – Coors Banquet

Available literally everywhere

Rather than reaching for your normal, bland suds this weekend, kick things up a notch and grab a Banquet. Coors’ first and still best brew has been back on the market for several years now, and can be found at any liquor store or at any worthwhile bar.

In terms of flavor, it leaves all the other good ol’ boy domestic lites behind; instead opting for a refreshing yet complex oral sensation. Rather than the washed-out flavor of its fellow light lagers, it is deliciously malty while never being overpowering.

Let’s get real, you don’t want any craft brew bullshit on the last few weekend nights before the grind begins again. Do yourself a favor and cap the summer with this golden nectar of the Rockies, you’ll get plastered, and still not regret it in the morning.

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