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Orientation: Sex and Dating

Hopefully within this orientation guide, you will learn how to meet new people, make friends and keep your new friends by not being a douchey first year.

So maybe by now you made some friends. And maybe you had your eye on one super special friend that gets you all hot and bothered in all the right ways. Good for you! You’re on the right track to not dying alone. Now, where to take that hottie on a date?

Paleontology Museum

If you’re strapped for cash and need to get back to cramming for your MATH 113 midterm, take your sweetie on a quick jaunt to the basement of the Earth Sciences Building. You’ll find a cool collection of information and dead dinosaurs, all brought to you by the Paleontology program. They’ll be impressed by your knowledge of the university’s hidden gems, and it’s usually empty so you can sneak a kiss behind the fossils.

Metro Cinema

The Garneau Theatre on 109 Street is the perfect spot to take your potential S.O. A quick jaunt from campus, the theatre is always showing great films that you won’t always see in theatres. Either hit up an artsy indian film or laugh your way through one of their Turkey Shoots, you’re bound to have a great time. It’s also right in the middle of tons of great restauraunts and coffee shops, so you’re “Bound 2” fall in love, with both your date and part of Edmonton.

Art Gallery of Alberta

You have a OneCard now, so you better start using it. Take the train to Churchill Station and hold hands as you wander across Churchill Square and up the weird steps of the Art Gallery. There’s guaranteed to be a myriad of wonderful (and sometimes weird) exhibits to wander through. Even if you aren’t one of them “I like art-type girls,” it never hurts to get more involved with the cultural side of the city.

Consent/Safe Sex

If your date goes well and the hottie you’re wheeling agrees to come back to your place, make sure that everyone has given consent before things get freaky.

What is consent? It’s a voluntary agreement to engage in the sexual activity. Consent cannot be given by someone else. If someone is unconscious, too inebriated to say no, sleeping, or does not give an explicit “yes,” they have not or cannot give consent. If they change their mind, they have revoked consent. If you respect someone’s body and wishes, you’ll have a sexy time.

Sexual Assault Centre (SUB 3-04)

If you are in crisis after experiencing sexual assault or are ready to talk about your experience, the Sexual Assault Centre can provide you with a safe, welcoming and non-judgemental space. Whether you need counselling or just someone to talk to about your experience, there are trained people on staff to give you support during the recovery process.

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  1. What the hell?! This article took a 180 pretty damn quick. Holding hands on Churchill square to sexual assault. Poor article, really no useful information at all. Where is the important stuff like where to get free condoms on campus?

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