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Brew Crew: President’s Choice Honey Red

Brick Brewing Co.
Waterloo Ontario, Canada

Your first 12 pack of President’s Choice Honey Red is going to be amazing. You’ll find yourself rolling up in your friend’s Civic to the local superstore, and while deliberating on what to get smashed with that night, you stumble across something special. There, on a pallet on the floor are 12 beers for under $14. You are amazed and call your friends over. Everyone walks out with PC Honey Red. After arriving at your friends house and saying hello to his mom, you make your way to the weird kush smelling room attached to his garage. Following your first lukewarm sip you realize you are in love, you have found the perfect beer. All the great nights with PBR and Brava have just been fakes, this is the real thing. She tastes sweet, malty and full-bodied, and features no overwhelming after taste. This beer is finely carbonated and extra frothy, and feels thin and watery as it goes down, just how any no name beer should. Overall she is a clean easy drink, and makes for a smooth and fast drunk. PC Honey Red also features an extremely inviting orange/red hue, which is visually delicious.

You will spend many nights together during this summer, and even consume 50 during a cold weekend camping in beautiful Buck Lake. However, something is starting to change, and 15 cases later it feels nothing like the first time. She is starting to become stale and disgusting. Things are going downhill but you decide to take her with you to a music festival in Pemberton, BC, but this will be the last straw. She makes you sick and tastes like your dehydrated pee smells. It’s Sunday and you have ten left, but things have hit rock bottom, so you let the Americans in the next campsite finish her off. The summer wind has carried your love story away.

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