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Finer Things: Tom Hardy in Press Conferences

It’s unclear whether the people asking questions at press conferences are just getting monumentally more distasteful, or that someone has it in for Tom Hardy. Either way, the coolest actor working is just as deft at handling completely off-base questions, and for that, he deserves more than a word of praise.

It all started at Fury Road’s Cannes conference, when a questioner who hopefully never finds a job in journalism again asked him whether he thought there were too many women in “this man’s movie.” As one would imagine, Hardy was taken aback, and replied. “No, not for one second.”

Earlier this week, another video surfaced in which Hardy is asked about his sexual orientation (thinly veiled as an inquiry about an openly gay character he plays in Legend). Just as deftly, Hardy replied “why?”

The reason he deserves so much credit for his responses is that he moves past them. He deals with the questions swiftly, makes sure everyone knows how he feels, and continues on. Never batting an eyelash and always with a picture-perfect reply to the lowest of blows, Tom Hardy, we salute you.

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