As you may have heard. the bookstore is now organized by the alphabet.

We asked: What do you think of how the bookstore is organized?

News Oumar Salifou Streeters-1

Jordan Klein — Arts II

“Not a fan. I don’t mind it, but it could be better.”

News Oumar Salifou Streeters-2

Alexandra Joseph — Arts IV

“I get why they did it, but it can be confusing.”

News Oumar Salifou Streeters-3

Anu Joshee-Arnal — ALES IV

“I haven’t had to buy textbooks this semester. I haven’t actually been in the bookstore. I try to avoid it because it’s insane.”

News Oumar Salifou Streeters-5

Michael Steer — Engineering II

“I first thought it was kind of annoying and stupid how it was laid out, but it makes sense because if you have more than one class that requires the same textbook, sorting it by class doesn’t make sense anymore.”

Image courtesy of Oumar Salifou
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