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Streeters: What was your worst live music experience?

As you may have heard, the weather at Sonic Boom last weekend was awful.

We asked: What was your worst live music experience?

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Spencer Elliott — Engineering II

“I got robbed by a frat guy from Calgary at Big Valley Jamboree a few years ago.”

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Eilish McKinlay — ALES IV

“I didn’t wear sunscreen to Warped Tour in 2009. I got permanently sunburnt.”


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Kevin Chang Wang — Science IV

“There was this street performance in China. It was benefiting burn victims but it was super off key and awkward so you couldn’t get away from it.”

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Georgia Dunn — Engineering II

“Some big guy dropped on me while he was crowdsurfing at Linkin Park’s set at Sonic Boom.”

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  1. The story of this year’s One Love Music Festival was non-stop rain from 4PM to 11PM. I actually appreciated how crowded it was because the radiating body heat kept me warm. We left the festival drenched and cold but also inspired and excited. It was the best and worst festival experience… As well as my first.

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