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Finer Things: The Force Awakens trailer

2015 seems to be a year of revival; Jurassic World took the box office by storm, the Terminator franchise was given a reboot, and, this year will end with the highly anticipated Star Wars Episode 7, The Force Awakens.

When people hear that old franchises are reviving their series, the immediate reaction is to sigh and question whether the industry has just run out of fresh and creative ideas, forcing themselves to recycle the same old stuff. Just look at what happened with Star Wars Episodes 1 through 3. The annoyance of Jar Jar Binks will not be soon forgotten. However, after seeing the newest trailer for Episode 7, those assumptions can be tossed aside; this movie looks fantastic.

Even for all of the skeptics out there, there should be a little faith in Episodes 7-9. First off, most of our favourite characters have returned (insert Chewbacca roar). Who doesn’t want to see Harrison Ford take on one of his most badass roles one more time? There are also many new characters that will (hopefully) bring something fresh to the series.

The trailer gives us a glimpse of old memories, as well as establishes brand new storylines. It reveals just enough to have audiences wanting more, like Darth Vader’s decrepit helmet chilling ominously as new villain Kylo Ren swears he will finish what Vader started. It also gives us the chance to nerd out with the new style of light saber (that crossguard though). The trailer finishes with a slow fade into the Star Wars logo while the chill inducing music slowly but beautifully plays in the background.

The film comes out Friday, December 18. Can you say best Christmas ever?

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