Marble Pedestal: Trust your gut

Any decision is better than indecision.

Too often people fail to make a decision and have to face the consequences. These individuals have failed to adhere to the most important English idiom, “go with your gut.”

Making a decision on a moment’s notice may not always result in the best outcome, though the same could be said for those who spend too much time decision-making. People argue that gut decisions are primal, unsophisticated and ignore our critical thinking skills. But that’s why those decisions of momentary emotion are the best solution to indecision.

Letting your gut choose what you do has its benefits in the simplicity of not having to worry or panic about the dilemma at hand and focus on what you’ve decided to do. Instead, you can give full focus to your instincts.

Quick answers also show that you trust yourself. These immediate gut answers show confidence in yourself. Nothing controls a room like confidence, and confidence is built through every action you choose to take. Radiate that confidence by knowing what you will do: take that trip to Fiji, stop hanging out with that weird guy James, go buy donuts for your office. It doesn’t matter what you decide. Just make a choice.

Worries and wonders fail to make decisions easier — they cause unease and uncertainty in decision-making. Your gut knows you better than you know yourself. If you’re ever stuck, go with your gut. Another night lying awake with the same question in your head will only ruin your sleep.

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