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Top 5: Halloween drinking games

Halloween season forces us to consider the ultimate question: as University students, can we still enjoy Halloween to the extent that we did as kids. Even though it might seem impossible during midterm season, the answer is YES! This is the time of year that we have a valid excuse to dress up and get our drink on. So, here are our Top 5 drinking games with a Halloween twist. (Please drink responsibly)

5. Scary Movie Shots

We all know the classic drinking game where you take a drink or a shot when something happens in a movie: each time The Dude has a White Russian in The Big Lebowski, each time Cady references Africa in Mean Girls. Take this idea and apply it to scary movies! This is perfect if you are looking for some low-key fun. Take a drink each time you scream, each time a character goes upstairs to escape when they should be running outside, each time a character says “I’ll be right back”, etc.

4. Wrap the Mummy

Things you’ll need: a lot of toilet paper and all the drinks. Separate your group into two teams. Pick a person on your team to be the mummy. Everybody else has to be the wrappers. The goal is to wrap your mummy in toilet paper head to toe. Whichever team finishes last has to down their drink. A word of advice, pick the shortest and teeniest person. There is less to wrap, and a better chance that you won’t be the one downing your rum and coke!

3. Would You Rather

Here’s a Halloween twist on this classic game. Instead of using the typical would you rathers, like would you rather never have Internet access or have Nicholas Cage always be within one metre of you (thanks, Buzzfeed), make them Halloween related. Some ideas if you’re stuck: Would you rather turn into a zombie or have your best friend turn into a zombie? Would you rather eat raw pumpkin guts or not have any Halloween candy this year? The group with the most unpopular opinion has to take a shot/take a drink.

2. Bobbing for Apples

This one will take a bit more effort and be substantially messier, but you will have hilariously fun results. Separate your group into two teams. In an open area (preferably away from your Mum’s fancy china), set up two large buckets full of water on a table (add a drop or two of red food colouring or some fake eyeballs to make it creepier). Fill them with apples, and have a race to see who can get the apples out of the bucket the quickest. Losing team has to take a shot.

1. Ring of Fire/Sociables

Here’s how to spice up the classic game of sociables. You’ll need a deck of cards and an empty plastic cup. Arrange the cards face down in a circle around the empty cup. Each person will grab a card and have a task to do based on the corresponding number. Feel free to keep the classics like waterfall, and thumb master, but liven it up with “categories” (Halloween movies, scary movie villains, types of candy) and Halloween themed question master Be sure to fill the plastic cup with your drink if you draw a King.

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