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Dat App: Chess Free

Free Chess
iPhone and Android

Are you sick of being addicted to Candy Crush, Angry Birds, or Clash of Clans? Do you want to look cool in public instead of looking like one of those freemium game weirdos? Want to master one of the world’s classiest games? Start playing some God damn chess.

Trainer mode lets you practice against a variety of different difficulties, ranging from computers which moves at random, to the average chess player, to world championship calibre and of course everything in between. Chess Free is a great learning tool for aspiring players. There’s options to turn on suggestions if you’re feeling stumped or lazy and if it’s your first time playing Chess, you’re definitely going to need them. Do you know how to en passant? Do you know what the elo rating system is? In time you’ll be impressing your friends with these fancy chess terms.

There’s also a two player mode if you’re with a friend and looking to kill time. After enough training against the computer, you’ll easily be able to wipe the floor with any beginner. They’ll marvel at how smart you must be.

This app would essentially be flawless if it wasn’t for the fact that you start out with 20 credits and if you lose against the trainer, you lose a credit. While if you win, tie, or queen a pawn, you’ll receive a credit. If you run out of credits, you’ll have to purchase more (don’t forget to thank freemium gaming for ruining everything). If you’re struggling on the difficulty tone it down, there are no heroes in chess, or freemium gaming.

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