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Datapp: Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector


Stock up on lint rollers because you’re about to become a crazy cat lady. This game allows you to collect up to 49 cats, which you fortunately never need to clean up after.

The game starts off in a small empty yard, but you can purchase food and different toys to attract cats, and soon you’ll have a new collection of felines playing or lounging every time you open the game. Once the cats get tired of the activities in your yard, or you run out of food for them, they’ll leave but not without giving you a gift that you can use to purchase new toys or even expand and remodel your yard to accommodate more cats.

The real fun does not from watching the cats play—although the cartoons are seriously adorable—but instead from the challenge luring rare cats into your yard. 17 of the games cats are considered rare, meaning you have to play your cards right for them to come to your yard. This makes you constantly checking back to see which cats have come to visit you since you’ve left.

The game also allows you the ability to take pictures of your cats for your very own cat album. It feels like a grand achievement when you can put a new cat’s picture into the album, and allows you to look back fondly and with pride at the rare cat that you were lucky enough to catch in your yard.

While it is a simple game, certain features take time to uncover, including the ability to rename cats or unlocking the daily prizes. Other features are even more mysterious though, such as the purpose of the cats having personality traits and power levels.

Whether or not you completely adopt the cat lady lifestyle playing Neko Atsume, the cute cats can be a source of entertainment for at least a few minutes out of the day.

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