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Fashion Streeters: Jill Tarrabain

Jill Tarrabain, Arts III

How long did it take you to do your nails?

I actually got someone else to do them because I’m too lazy to do them myself.

What attracted you to all your pieces?

I got them shipped from China, I just sign up for this box thing through this website and they send me clothes in my size. Sometimes, I got sent these horrible overalls and the crotch was down by your knees and the legs were unreasonably short. It was very confusing.

How’d you find out about this service?

My friend told me about it and signed me up.

Is everything you’re wearing from that service?

My jacket is Buffalo, scarf is Reitmans, purse is Aldo. The rest of me is a box.

What inspires your style?

What’s in my closet in the morning that isn’t dirty.

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