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Meeting UAlberta: Brianna Kurtz

Immunology IV

What’s the hardest midterm you’ve ever taken?

Honestly, probably one of my immunology courses. Probably 371.

Was there a final where you were completely out to lunch?

No because I’m a nerd (laughs). I mean like I guess there are finals that are hard, but I’m pretty much prepared.

What’s the easiest class you’ve taken, or the best GPA booster?

Actually, medical microbiology! I dunno, I got an A+ in there. I think I finished with a 98% or something, and it was in my first year too though. Kinda went downhill from there (laughs).

Do you have any pre-midterm rituals?

Not really, I just listen to my music. If that’s a ritual!

Do you have any go to study artists?

No, I listen to classical music. When I listen to other songs with lyrics, I start singing the lyrics and forget about everything else.

Have you ever completely winged a test?

No, I don’t think so. Definitely not, too much on the line I guess.

What are your study techniques?

I rewrite my notes probably up to five different times, and then I make flashcards. The more you repeat it, it gets stuck in your head.

What do you think of the Swell water bottles?

I honestly bought it without knowing the price. I was like “don’t tell me, just put it on my visa.” They’re just so cute.

What’s the most money you’ve dropped on something stupid?

Other than clothes I don’t need? (laughs) Honestly, probably just clothes. It’s ridiculous. Actually, I just bought a pair of Freddy’s. They’re like these really nice leggings I guess but they have this rubber thing under your ass cheeks that like lifts them up (laughs). I think I bought a pair a couple weeks ago and I think they were $300.

$300 to make your ass look great.

That’s what I said! You know I can’t get lipo or whatever, like may as well get Freddy’s.

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