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DatApp: Painting With

iOS 9.1 or later

In anticipation of their upcoming LP Painting With, Animal Collective have created an iOS app of the same name. It is rather simple to use: choose your desired paint color, the width of your brush and an appropriate canvas from your photo library and you’re ready to go. If you want to share the result, include the hashtag #PaintingWith on Instagram or Twitter and AnCo will upload your work of art to their official website.

The app’s coolest feature is that it facilitates collaborative projects by allowing users to connect wirelessly and work in tandem. While you may also choose to paint without a partner, this option results in a high crash frequency and as such the app isn’t very accommodating to those who prefer to create in solitude.

If you don’t care much for painting but you dig AnCo, you should download the app anyhow. For one thing it’s free, but more importantly it’s the only way to hear “Lying in the Grass,” the second single from the upcoming LP. I suggest that you at least give the painting a shot though. “Lying in the Grass” is a perfect track to paint to, its blotchy opening synths bringing to mind a drunken Jackson Pollock sloppily decorating one of his canvases.

Promoting music through an app is a rather strange idea, but then of course AnCo have always been an unconventional group. While the revival in psychedelic pop has been relatively recent, AnCo have spent the past 15 years expanding upon the brilliant, trippy pop music of the mid-sixties. Their upcoming LP, sure to be equal parts weird and awesome, will be available on February 19th and the deluxe edition comes with an equally trippy zoetropic turntable slipmat.

If you don’t care about material things

But you like social apps

You’ll just want

To install Adobe Flash

And paint some swirls

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