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Gateway Playlist: Madonna Cut

Name: Madonna Cut

Things to Do While Listening: Get drunk with your friends OR cruise around the city. But not at the same time

Listen to It With or Without Shuffle: I find that with party playlists it’s good to build in a flow to them so try to listen to it from beginning to end without shuffle


  • Wasn’t me (Viceroy “Jet Life” Remix) – Shaggy
  • September – Throttle X Earth Wind & Fire
  • Shakedown (feat. Seja) – Equal
  • Come Down – Anderson .Paak
  • Bedtime Story – Goldlink
  • Boom – Major Lazer
  • Slide – Missy Elliott
  • Pump It Up – Missy Elliott
  • Give it To Me (DiscoRazor Remix) – Timbaland
  • Traffic Jam (Easy Bake Remix) – Jay Rock
  • Genghis Khan (Empress Of Remix) – Mike Snow
  • Heart is Full – Mike Snow X Run the Jewels
  • Too Original (KREAM Remix) – Major Lazer
  • Evil Twin – Krrum
  • Riding Round (Oshi Redo) – Kali Uchis
  • New Beat – Toro Y Moi
  • Vibes and Stuff – A Tribe Called Quest

Three steps to building off the momentum of this playlist:

1.Drop out of University.

2. DJ High School Parties.

3. Get paid in liquor.

And sure, that’s a good five year plan, but where do I go from there? The sheer amount of DJs coming out of high school suggests that it’s a booming industry. And the fact that I was once given hand lotion as payment is more than enough proof it can be quite luxurious. But what’s there to be achieved through a lifetime of DJing?

There are obvious perks, like getting to take home any leftover food at the party. Or being able to put on “We Are Your Friends” and tell people they cast Zac Efron with you in mind. But those are minor thrills compared to the lasting impact you can make. Touring the most impoverished areas of the world and performing as an example of what can be achieved through hard work. Or throwing an annual Spring Break Spin Off to Raise Awareness for Adult Illiteracy. THESE are the true achievements of the DJ.

And sure, it won’t all be glamorous. There are going to be days where you wonder if you’re really making the world a better place. But when those days come think fondly of this quote, “If I have got to see more DJs than others, it is by sitting on the shoulders of my boyfriend”.

I hope that was truly inspiring to read! And while I’ve never actually got on the wheels of steel, I do like making playlists. Which puts me on par with at least 33% of DJs. And I don’t say that to disrespect anyone who actually knows how to DJ. I have a tonne of respect for it, especially within the context of hip hop in the 70s and 80s. But there’s no denying the title has been watered down.

Answer this honestly. Between DJing and playing acoustic guitar at parties, do white people have a monopoly on publicly ruining music? If you answer yes to that, hey, why not go tell one of your friends “how bout you scale it back from DJ, to owns a turntable”.

Hopefully this playlist will serve as a suitable replacement for them. As you use it, make sure to capitalize on the social aspect of the night. Gather everyone up around the speakers and announce, “Now THIS, is music”. Maybe even single out one of your friends by saying, “I bet you were going to play Sorry, you have terrible taste in music Sarah”.

I know that strategy has made me a hit at parties! Enjoy!

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