Myer Horowitz Forum Live Blog

Follow along for commentary on the final forum of the Students’ Union elections. Starts at 12:00 p.m.

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201611:15 am

The forum will start at 12:00!

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201611:17 am

We’re using a different live blogging platform today. Tweet at us @The_Gateway or @KevinSchenk5 if you notice any issues with it.

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:02 pm

It’s starting up!

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:03 pm

Opening remarks. Most candidates are here on time?

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:04 pm

The SU will have a livestream set up here:

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:04 pm

I see two empty seats.

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:04 pm

Fahim declares himself the “smartest” candidate

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:04 pm

Fahim up talking about better financial aid, because it’s time to give up on trying to lower tuition.

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:05 pm

The real question that should be asked is

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:06 pm

Can the audience sustain this level of clapping?

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:06 pm

I’m noticing updates take a while to post to the live blog. Sorry to anyone following this along with the forum; comments will be delayed a bit.

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:10 pm

What about inter-dimensional students?

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:11 pm

Candidates so far reiterating their platform points. Not sure if it’s the venue, but they all sound a lot more rehearsed, in a good way.

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:12 pm

Bannister set Patrick up for the textbook point.

Sofia Osborne February 29, 201612:14 pm

Reed Larsen admits that he’s gross? Please wash your clothes

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:14 pm

Larsen talking about his outfit and how nobody noticed he was wearing the same thing every day. He’ll wear that same outfit forever. Ok.

Joey Wald February 29, 201612:14 pm

vote Reed Larson because he doesn’t change his clothes! nochange

Sofia Osborne February 29, 201612:14 pm

I like how the mic cuts out after the time is up, it’s cutthroat

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:15 pm

Sandare: “I am a boxer, as was my father who taught me.” it’s on.

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:15 pm

Mike keeping the boxing theme goin’

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:16 pm

Debate Club prep is showing strong with Sandare

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:18 pm

Common theme from this group: make education affordable. Breaking new ground.

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:19 pm

I like the stunt with the chair. Doing a fact check on his claims though

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:20 pm

Malik mentioning how SU businesses lose money. But is that really an issue? They aren’t revenue-generators, they’re subsidized businesses to provide cheaper services for students.

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:21 pm

Candidates sound much better prepared at this forum

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:22 pm

I spoke too soon

Sofia Osborne February 29, 201612:23 pm

I want to feel safe 120% of the time wow

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:24 pm

Flaman: “How many of you were at the Wayne Lee show?” 4 or 5 people shout. SU Events!

Sofia Osborne February 29, 201612:25 pm

if you want to see Levi Flaman give more lap dances you should vote for him

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:26 pm

Flaman’s entire spiel was on events, which most of this commuter campus just doesn’t care about.

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:27 pm

Wang is talking about changing orientation, but there are already like 5-6 people with full-time jobs planning orientation every year.

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:27 pm

Kevin “Dreamer of the Day” Wang

Sofia Osborne February 29, 201612:27 pm

don’t let your dreams be memes Kevin

Sofia Osborne February 29, 201612:29 pm

the people like Simao

Cole Forster February 29, 201612:31 pm

VPE candidates bro-ing out at side stage.

Cole Forster February 29, 201612:32 pm

What does the roof do Colin?

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:32 pm

I really appreciate the fact that Champagne is actually putting energy into this heated race.

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:33 pm

It raises

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:33 pm

Wonder how Champagne would’ve faired in last year’s BoG race, which was also uncontested.

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:35 pm

Audience questions AND ALSO TWITTER!! technology future

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:35 pm

Lots of people heading up to ask questions.

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:36 pm

Here’s to questions that take longer to ask than the SU candidates were given to present their platforms.

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:36 pm

David-in-law, asking about student group autonomy

Sofia Osborne February 29, 201612:37 pm

“do you really support free speech?” 😮

Joey Wald February 29, 201612:39 pm

22.5% of students agree this is an awesome SU

Sofia Osborne February 29, 201612:40 pm

ooo I want a radical Students’ Union

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:41 pm

Hanwell: Punitive v. Restorative Justice

Bondarchuk: SU should have power over Student Groups
Fahim: split responsibility with Dean of Students (not really sure how that works)

Overall: SU prez in favour of free speech. Where is the contrarian amongst them???

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:41 pm

Hanwell: Punitive v. Restorative Justice

Bondarchuk: SU should have power over Student Groups

Fahim: split responsibility with Dean of Students (not really sure how that works)
Overall: SU prez in favour of free speech. Where is the contrarian amongst them???
Sofia Osborne February 29, 201612:47 pm

Dylan focuses on setting the foundation for residence expansion

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:48 pm

Question to Prez: What is the top priority of the University and why?

Cody: building capacity (so lots of things), kind of puts us in a role that places us opposite the University
Fahim: Pivots to platform point (experiential learning)
Hanwell: Residences. Talks about Turpin’s desire to expand residences
Overall: Bondarchuk talked about broad stuff, fahim talked about his platform, Hanwell did his homework?
Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:51 pm

Question asks about using external or alumni consulting for ops fi. Paches answers, Birer and Malik talk about advertising SU services more.

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:51 pm

Malik takes shots at L’Express. Patiently awaiting a retraction

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:52 pm

Bashir for President

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:53 pm

Q what is your stance on tuition?

If I get an opinion that is pro tuition I’ll eat a super cheese Donair at Marco’s
Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:53 pm

Sandare wants more grants instead of lowering tuition. I’d say that’s a pro-tuition stance.

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:54 pm

Larsen also doesn’t want to lower tuition, wants to regulate it for now.

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:55 pm

Only as good as my word. Will get donair.

Kevin Schenk February 29, 201612:56 pm

The VPX stances on tuition are depressing.

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:56 pm

Engineers, getting in on the forum. Good to see the engagement.

Joey Wald February 29, 201612:56 pm

Engineers complaining about employment? The arts student in me is smiling

Zachary Popowich February 29, 201612:59 pm

To note: arts students telling engineers how they can get a job. After 4 years of education and co-op program another training program will help.

Zachary Popowich February 29, 20161:01 pm

At least Bondarchuk acknowledges the limitations of the SU. Turns out, that the SU can’t fix the economy. Who’d have thunk it?

Sofia Osborne February 29, 20161:02 pm

Marina is so flexible she can probably do the splits

Joey Wald February 29, 20161:03 pm

VP Academic seems like the only race that could get a little nasty

Kevin Schenk February 29, 20161:05 pm

We don’t need a tuition freeze, we need a tuition evaporation.

Joey Wald February 29, 20161:07 pm

Will town halls attract students? Maybe if there is free food…

Kevin Schenk February 29, 20161:07 pm

Champagne will have entertaining vlogs to inform students of BoG happenings.

Zachary Popowich February 29, 20161:11 pm

Thank you Jordan for stating the obvious. Everyone is in favour of increasing mental health funding and working with other VP’s.

Sofia Osborne February 29, 20161:14 pm

“Lister is represented too much” huh

Kevin Schenk February 29, 20161:16 pm

I don’t get how University residents don’t get the same landlord-tenant rights that everyone else does.

Kevin Schenk February 29, 20161:23 pm

Question: how would SU deal with pro-life group if SU was in charge of student groups?

Hanwell: It would be the same. We need balance between free speech and safe space.
Bondarchuk: Freedom of speech is separate issue from what they’re preaching. Wouldn’t sanction them for what they believe in. Other student groups wouldn’t be charged any less.
Rahman: Not clear whether pro-life violated hate speech laws. As long as they’re obeying the law, they have rights.
Kevin Schenk February 29, 20161:24 pm

So, all candidates with pretty much the same, safe, non-confrontational stances.

Zachary Popowich February 29, 20161:25 pm

It’s the safe thing to do

Zachary Popowich February 29, 20161:26 pm

Almost 90 minutes in. These seats are starting to become uncomfortable.

Sofia Osborne February 29, 20161:27 pm

super uncomfortable

Zachary Popowich February 29, 20161:33 pm

Update on the clapping:

Zachary Popowich February 29, 20161:34 pm

Only the candidates are clapping now. More out of habit than enthusiasm really. Like 2 minutes into a standing ovation where you can’t really sit down.

Zachary Popowich February 29, 20161:36 pm

Questions on the LHSA:

Consensus: There’s not much we can do. We’ll plan better for the future.
Sofia Osborne February 29, 20161:36 pm

the LHSA programming is part of what makes Lister culture though…

Kevin Schenk February 29, 20161:36 pm

If there was a word cloud for these forums, the biggest words would be “I AGREE”

Joey Wald February 29, 20161:40 pm

How many other people can say they have taught English to Japanese students in India?

Zachary Popowich February 29, 20161:41 pm

Larsen claims to have been exciting at one point

Kevin Schenk February 29, 20161:41 pm

Larsen has been a cowboy. That’s pretty cool.

Zachary Popowich February 29, 20161:50 pm

VPA: How do you want to strengthen faculty representation?

Bannister: Balkanize it
Patrick: work together to collaborate with committees in order to make progress that is agreeable to all. Buzzwords
Kevin Schenk February 29, 20161:53 pm

Wang clarifies that he has talked with the staff behind orientation.

Kevin Schenk February 29, 20161:53 pm

This Twitter person is asking a lot of questions.

Kevin Schenk February 29, 20161:54 pm

Short-term tangible solutions to reducing student apathy to SU!

Kevin Schenk February 29, 20161:54 pm

Birer’s having a hard time answering this.

Joey Wald February 29, 20161:55 pm

Any short term solutions for reducing Birer’s apathy towards this question?

Kevin Schenk February 29, 20161:55 pm
Kevin Schenk February 29, 20161:56 pm

Malik wants students to know they get a “bang for their buck.” Again talking about losing money on SU businesses, and how that means students don’t appreciate the services.

Kevin Schenk February 29, 20161:56 pm

So far 0/2 on answering that question.

Kevin Schenk February 29, 20161:57 pm

Paches: use Dewey’s to collaborate with student groups, like the improv group.

Joey Wald February 29, 20161:58 pm

Colin “Cocktail” Champagne

Zachary Popowich February 29, 20161:58 pm

Edward-on-twitter (that place in England your worldly friend went last summer): How do you reduce apathy towards the SU?

Hasan: Just.. I’m not even going to say anything mean.
Malik: Get the “bang for your buck”
Paches: Answers the question. Use Deweys as a more collaborative space (sounds realistic and reasoned)
Kevin Schenk February 29, 20161:59 pm

It’s over!

Zachary Popowich February 29, 20162:00 pm

Early prediction. Colin Champagne may win his race

Kevin Schenk February 29, 20162:00 pm

Check out our UASU cheatsheet for all the news and commentary on the elections. Have a great day!