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The Watch-men Ep. 19: Guide to the Oscars

Roll out the red carpet, it’s The Watch-men’s Guide to the Oscars! On this episode, guest Ashton makes her bid for Best Supporting Watch-men, Sam vies for the coveted Best Adapted Voice award and Matt is honoured with a Lifetime Achievement for his least-butchered pronunciation of Iñárritu. All this and our picks for who will take home the hardware. We have all the answers you’ll need to finally embarrass that token film studies friend who always wins your yearly Oscars pool.

Full list of nominees.

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  1. Brian Cranston is my pick…you never know, Leo might not get it. Hateful 8 for score but I loved Sicario’s music. Actually, the best film for me this year. Room…..hated the way that book ended and kids, well they just irritate me. I tired to like that cute kid and appreciate his performance but… so I tried to love the film but KIDS ugh! I Do however really like Brie Larson. Spotlight, my second favourite. The Big Short, not sure if I liked it or not. No idea for supporting actress. Best actress, Cate Blanchett just bothered me to the point I couldn’t finish the movie so, Brie Larson for me. Supporting actor, Mark Rylance is my favourite but Tom hardy will most likely take the win even though I barely understood anything he said. Christian Bale…maybe because I agree with Sam, he carried that movie. So, I do agree that the Oscar’s are ridiculous but I do try and see all the movies anyway.
    Thanks for the great listen.

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