Keep hearing about voting but not sure what it’s all about? Here’s a quick reference you can use. We’ll be updating it throughout the election with links to all of our articles and videos.


Hanwell cites mental and physical health as reasons for last-minute dropout from presidential race

Photos: Students’ Union Election Results 2016

Searing Hot Takes: SU Elections

Students say yes to Gateway DFU plebiscite

Champagne pops off in uncontested BoG Rep race

Pach-ing up the finances: Robyn Paches named next VP (Operations and Finance)

Mike Sandare wins with third-round knockout, named 2016-17 VP (External)

Rahman edges Bondarchuk with 51 per cent for SU President, Hanwell withdraws due to “personal reasons”

Francesca El Ghossein wins VP (Student Life) in tight race

SU Elections 2016 Live Blog

Who’s Running?

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Bite the Ballot: President

The Gateway Presents: SU Presidential Debate

SU Elections Q&A: President

  • Cody Bondarchuk
  • Dylan Hanwell
  • Fahim Rahman

Vice-President (Operations and Finance)

Bite the Ballot: Vice-President (Operations and Finance)

SU Elections Q&A: VP (Operations and Finance)

  • Hasan Birer
  • Taimur Malik
  • Robyn Paches

Vice-President (External)

Bite the Ballot: Vice President (External)

SU Elections Q&A: VP (External)

  • Patrick Cajina
  • Reed Larsen
  • Michael Sandare

Vice-President (Academic)

Bite the Ballot: Vice-President (Academic)

SU Elections Q&A: VP (Academic)

  • Marina Banister
  • Thomas Patrick

Vice-President (Student Life)

Bite the Ballot: Vice-President (Student Life)

SU Elections Q&A: VP (Student Life)

  • Levi Flaman
  • Francesca El Ghossein
  • Jordan Simao
  • Kevin Wang

Undergraduate Board of Governors Representative

SU Elections Q&A: Undergraduate Board of Governors Representative

  • Colin Champagne

Umer Farooq suspends campaign activity: Undergraduate BoG Rep candidate cites GPA and mental health as reasons for dropping out

What are these positions?

President: Represents students as a whole and acts as the primary spokesperson for the Students’ Union.

Vice-President (Operations and Finance): Manages the Students’ Union’s over $11,000,000 budget, including the SU’s various businesses such as RATT and Dewey’s.

Vice-President (External): Responsible for maintaining relations with the outside community and the government.

Vice-President (Academic): Manages academic initiatives, such as helping students afford university or improving course policies.

Vice-President (Student Life): Responsible for university-related non-academic issues, including inclusivity initiatives and fun campus-wide events.

Undergraduate Board of Governors Representative: Serves as a student voice to the Board of Governors, the highest decision making body on campus. Also determines campus-side issues such as tuition fees and the university’s finances.

Anything else?

The Gateway (Yes) Plebiscite

SU Elections Q&A: The Gateway plebiscite question

When are the forums?

  1. Tuesday, February 23 @ 12:30 – SUBstage Forum #1 — SUB, Main Floor
  2. Wednesday, February 24 @ 12:00 – SUBstage Forum #2 — SUB, Main Floor
  3. Thursday, February 25 @ 18:00 – Residence Forum – Lister Centre, 2nd Floor Cafeteria
  4. Friday, February 26 @ 12:00 – Campus Saint-Jean Forum — Student Lounge & Cafeteria, Pavillon McMahon, CSJ
  5. Monday, February 29 @ 12:00 – Myer Horowitz Forum — Myer Horowitz Theatre, SUB, 2nd Floor


Poster Slam 2016

Editorial: SU elections should attract, not repel students

Editorial Cartoon: SU Erections

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