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The Watch-men Ep. 26: Daredevil Season 2 Recap

Daredevil season 2 has been streaming on Netflix for almost a month now, plenty of time for binge watching! Matt and Sam offer up some takes on the show’s new murderers, The Punisher and Elektra, and recap the season as a whole. Does Matt Murdock take a back seat on his own show? Is it really that easy to become a feature journalist? All this plus a breakdown of the new Rogue One and Suicide Squad trailers.

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  1. Right away… action. I like the intense sequence of brutal fighting…Karen Page just makes me cringe. Those moments where her and Matt almost touch, and all that breathiness…..UGH!!! I need her to take her flat shoes and dresses and go away or just do her job and stop the ickiness with Matt. But, that’s just one gals opinion. I do miss Fisk…and am not sure that all these other characters can fill that void, expect the Punisher. Like him and his story. I will finish the season as I am only on episode 6 and it’s worth the time.

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