1050 – Six hours at Sled Island

1050 is a new photo essay segment where we tell a story with photos (worth 1000 words) and captions of 50 words or fewer. 

Our first attempt at this segment involved waking up extremely late and arriving at the Fairmont Palliser in Calgary 20 minutes before the media accreditation table closed. What followed was six hours of city-wandering, light rain and crowds, which seemingly embodied the nature of the annual Sled Island music festival.

After watching bubbles spray out of the top floor of Pashmina, we aimlessly tackled venues and caught glimpses of overflowing dive bars and screaming musicians at the Royal Canadian Legion. 

We hope you enjoy our radically condensed look at Sled Island.

New Balances and Blundstones.
Chieftain performing on the main floor of the Royal Canadian Legion.
“I should get another can of AGD, but lemme fix my amp first.”
“Our bands crashing at our friend’s place, we’re all sleeping on cots and have been drunk since Wednesday. I’m starting to feel a little weird, but we’re still going to see Deafheaven at Legion.”
A Peaches show brings Flames Central to max capacity.
You don’t have to be a veteran to join the Legion.
SCHOOLGIRL performing on the second floor of the Royal Canadian Legion.
I never rock a mink coat in the winter time like killa cam.
“Okay okay okay okay okay okay, beggars can’t be choosers bitch this ain’t Chipotle.”
Soundboard, girl, and probably macaroni. Somebody get her an MGD to wash it down.
“The tinfoil in this venue is wild”.

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