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The Watch-men Ep 39: Raiders of the Lost Ark

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark celebrates its 35th anniversary. Is it still a rocking good time? Or will a re-watch leave you feeling crushed?

The Watch-men podcast reviews the Spielberg-Lucas classic and answers this question, plus Sam and Matt break down a few of their favourite scenes and ponder over just how handsome Harrison Ford was back in 1981 (the answer is very). It’s a face-melting, Nazi-hating, snake-tastic episode on this week’s The Watch-men podcast!

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  1. Always loved this movie. I was 16 when I saw this in what was once our best theatre, The Paramount. So many things to love…. tarantulas, runaway boulders, hidden spears, falling rocks, burning airplanes, runaway trucks, sealed tombs, and snakes. Lots of snakes and then you have those sadistic Nazis, slimy gravediggers, drunken Sherpas, and scheming Frenchmen all rolled up in adventure and fun. Oh yeah, can’t forget about the chase scene….that was one of the best.

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