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The Watch-men Ep 44: Stranger Things


Nothing cleanses the palate like a good old fashioned Sci-Fi adventure.

On this week’s episode of the Watch-men podcast, Sam makes his triumphant return from the upside-down and our guest Paul joins us to discuss the Netflix original series, “Stranger Things”.

A clear love letter to the 1980s, “Stranger Things” revolves around a group of kids searching for their lost friend and the appearance of a strange little girl. Does this show’s nostalgia hit all the right notes, or is it just another gimmicky reboot? We’ll tell you what worked and what didn’t on this week’s episode of The Watch-men!

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  1. Only 8 episodes… I like that. Just enough and then leaves me happily waiting for season 2. A clear and concise story and then actually telling all of its pieces, giving me enough answers to make me feel satisfied, but holding back enough to keep the ball rolling. Good characters, good acting, good soundtrack, good fun!

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