1050: Dr. Campbell’s Lab, An Undergrad’s Look


1050 is a photo essay segment where we tell a story with photos (worth 1000 words) and captions of 50 words or fewer. 

In this instalment of 1050, Heather Baker, an undergraduate researcher, shows us around Dr. Robert Campbell’s lab.

I started in the Campbell Lab as part of a chemistry class that exposes undergraduate students to research. When I began my work in the lab, I only had one year of undergraduate science under my belt and was super nervous. There were definitely a few times where I made really minor mistakes but would freak out silently for days after. As time went on, I grew more comfortable and absolutely loved the research I was doing. My project was trying to develop a new blue fluorescent protein, which I continued through the entire school year and the following summer.


“I don’t know what to say about this photo”
“This is one of the purified fluorescent proteins we had in the fridge. I would have shown you the one I was working on, but I couldn’t find it. Mine’s cyan.”
“I’ve mastered being able to hold the lid and tube in my hand simultaneously while pipetting”
“Matt, the PhD student who had the bench next to mine, typed out all the protocols that we use on the daily. Saved my life a few times.”
“This is the cleanest bench in the lab. I share this bench with a PhD student named Landon, he’s a neat freak”
“This machine allows me to test the fluorescence intensity, emission spectrum. and excitation spectrum of the fluorescent protein I was trying to develop.”
“Samples on samples basically.”

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