1050: The Tour of Alberta

1050 is a photo essay segment where we tell a story with photos (worth 1000 words) and captions of 50 words or fewer. 

I’ve been to the Tour of Alberta annually since it’s first running, but this was the first time I brought a camera.

The weather on the day was perfect for racing: cool, dry, without a breath of wind. A great crowd gathered on the course that wound from Churchill Square, up Bellamy Hill, past the Legislature and back around Victoria Park Road.

With teams in attendance ranging from European powerhouses to strong continental squads and even the Canadian National Team, the Tour of Alberta is always wide open for an upset, having been won by a different rider each year since it was started.

1050-Mitchell-Sorensen-Tour-Alberta-9Mitchell Sorensen
Ryder Hesjedal (second from right) pushes the cadence for Trek-Segafredo. Once winner of the prestigious Giro d’Italia, Hesjedal only managed 68th place in this year’s Tour of Alberta.
1050-Mitchell-Sorensen-Tour-Alberta-8Mitchell Sorensen
The eye (and TV camera) in the sky.
1050-Mitchell-Sorensen-Tour-Alberta-3Mitchell Sorensen
The motorcade runs through Churchill Square.
1050-Mitchell-Sorensen-Tour-Alberta-6Mitchell Sorensen
Hey look, a streetcar!
1050-Mitchell-Sorensen-Tour-Alberta-7Mitchell Sorensen
Near the top of Bellamy Hill. Lap 9 of 11. Feel the burn.
1050-Mitchell-Sorensen-Tour-Alberta-1Mitchell Sorensen
200m until the last lap. Shouts to whoever polishes that marble.
1050-Mitchell-Sorensen-Tour-Alberta-2Mitchell Sorensen
Waiting for the storm.
1050-Mitchell-Sorensen-Tour-Alberta-5Mitchell Sorensen
Edgar Manuel Lemos Pinto’s seat falls victim to the final sprint. For real, he snapped the seat off the tube.
1050-Mitchell-Sorensen-Tour-Alberta-4Mitchell Sorensen
Francisco Mancebo celebrates a hard-fought stage win with His Worship after a day in the breakaway.

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