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1050: Alberta Electronic Music Conference

The inaugural Alberta Electronic Music Conference (AEMCON) brought together music makers and music lovers from across Canada for a weekend of networking, learning, as well as celebrating a shared love for electronic music. The three-day event, the first of its kind in Western Canada, ran from November 11th to the 13th, featuring keynote speakers, workshops, panel discussions, and a variety of night-life events in the heart of Downtown Edmonton.

The conference was held at the Edmonton Digital Arts College on Jasper Avenue.
AEMCON was co-founded by Matt Carter, Isis “Esette” Graham and Andrew Williams.
Award-winning composer and sound designer Mitch Lee is the founder and head instructor at Beat Drop music production/DJ School. His workshop focused on Ableton, sharing tips and pointers for musicians looking to optimize their “production workflow”.
August Auseil is an Edmonton-based composer and producer (and official moderator of the Leonard Cohen subreddit). August ran a workshop titled “The Rhythms of Dance Music”, which focused on the theories and techniques of classical music, and its implications on modern electronic music production.
On Friday and Saturday night, AEMCON took over local music venues, such as 99ten, The Bower, and Y! After Hours, featuring over 30 live performances by electronic producers and DJS from all over Canada
“The most interesting part of this experience has been getting the chance to see people – pros, intermediates, beginners – shine. But I also really love the music side. It’s been really great that we’ve had so many artists come to the city.” – Andrew Williams (Co-founder of AEM Conference and Night Vision)
“The beautiful thing about this scene is it doesn’t matter what your style or background is, because you’re there for the love of the music. It’s a loving community. You’re not worried about people judging you. We’re all there for the same thing. It’s your time away from the world.” – Melissa (hairstylist and music lover)
“It’s magical. It’s crazy the amount of people you meet who are relevant in the game right now. All of the courses I’ve done today were just so eye-opening. There’s no bullshit. It’s a sobering experience, to see the perspective of a professional. It’s just so raw.” – Colin Forsyth (Foursyte, DJ & producer) [right]
“There’s a stigma of drug use associated with rave culture – and it definitely holds some kind of a place. (But) this scene has been at the forefront of creating safe spaces for people to dance and enjoy music. I have yet to go to a rock concert and feel the kind of atmosphere I do at these types of events.” – Danielle Annicchiarico (Taco Shop Operator, ‘PhD’ in Mexican Cuisine)
(Left to right): Gavin Delainey (Dailey), Trevor Oslo, Andrew Williams (NVS, Dunmore Park), and David Assaly (Luca), from Night Vision Music Academy.
“I think it’s amazing that everybody can come together under one roof and have so many diverse minds contributing to such a wonderful experience and scene.” – Aurora Moon (Electronic music enthusiast and producer) [right]

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