1050: Earth Sciences Building

Since its construction in 1954, the Earth Sciences Building has housed the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Recognizable by the reflective windows that surround the building, everything from Statistics to Invertebrate Paleontology can be found within its walls.

1050-Eric-Lillow-ESB-1Eric Lillow
1050-Eric-Lillow-ESB-2Eric Lillow
1050-Eric-Lillow-ESB-3Eric Lillow
1050-Eric-Lillow-ESB-4Eric Lillow
1050-Eric-Lillow-ESB-5Eric Lillow
1050-Eric-Lillow-ESB-6Eric Lillow
1050-Eric-Lillow-ESB-7Eric Lillow
1050-Eric-Lillow-ESB-8Eric Lillow
1050-Eric-Lillow-ESB-9Eric Lillow
1050-Eric-Lillow-ESB-10Eric Lillow
1050-Eric-Lillow-ESB-11Eric Lillow
1050-Eric-Lillow-ESB-12Eric Lillow

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