What a Time to be Alive: Dogs in boots, shoes, or socks

I could be having the worst day, but I know there’s always one thing that will make me smile: dogs in boots, shoes, or socks.

I’m so very glad this trend (dare I call it a phenomenon?) has become a thing. I can watch hours of YouTube videos of pugs carefully walking one limb at a time in little booties, boxers with socks gliding across a hardwood floor like Bambi on ice, and Pomeranians flailing their paws about in an attempt to kick their tiny, constricting contraptions off their feet. I. Love. It.

Yes, I laugh at the expense of random people’s incompetent pets (it’s not just dogs, there are some poor cats who are also forced to play dress-up by their humans), and I thank them for that. These pups don’t just look cute like they would in any festive Christmas sweater or bumble bee Halloween costume, they look oddly ridiculous in an “I’m trying to be human, but I’m very much still a dog who now doesn’t know how to walk” kind of way. It’s adorable.

These compilations of dogs walking in various foot devices make my day 10 times better, and I’m pretty certain if you saw a golden retriever gallop around strangely in a pair (I guess it’s two pairs) of blue polka-dotted socks or paw-fitting converse-style lace-up runners, you’d be grinning, too. What a time to be alive, my friends.

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