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An Ode to Pumpkin Spice

In autumn, when I’m wandering with nowhere to go
I know that there’s always somewhere to call home.
Home is a place; it can be in your mind,
For me, home is a place filled with pumpkin spice.

Lattes, cupcakes, candles and more
All these ideas on Pinterest, now more than ever before
Pumpkin spice up your life, there’s no other way
To live in the fall when the leaves blow away.

Some may call you basic, a classic “white girl” thing,
But they have no clue of the joy you bring
You represent hope, something that won’t let you down
When you post a pic on Instagram, with the hashtag psl.

Oh pumpkin spice, how I love you so!
You are a legend, you will never grow old.
Pumpkin spice is relatable, good for any day and age
So popular around the world, it has it’s own twitter page (@TheRealPSL).

And so to honour this spice, this pumpkin delight
I get a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks every night
As I walk from Cameron Library, I turn to see the glow
Of Starbucks, wait… gingerbread lattes? Already? Nooooo!

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