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Brew Crew: Boxcar Comforts Blonde Ale

Hell’s Basement Brewery: Boxcar Comforts Blonde Ale

Editor’s Note: For posterity and entertainment, this review — written immediately after slamming the full litre of beer — has been left unedited. Enjoy!

I just drank a litre of this beer. Can confirm this beer is good.

This brewery opened its doors in 2016 in Medicine Hat… Where they got all hell for a basement. My mom and step-dad bought me a litre of their blond ale for my birthday. I waited until February 18th to drink it. I was immediately impressed with the size of the can. Like it’s a litre can, where else is this possible/acceptable other than with beer.

This beer served me incredibly well while playing socialables… and I fucking suck at Socialables. The sheer size of the can lasted me a number of rounds as I was constantly drawing the drinking cards and losing the challenges. While everyone was having to get up to get more drinks, I sat my ass down with a goddman litre of Beer! This can served me well as I was able to just sit there as the drunk hit me. The only time I had to stand up was to grab my laptop and write this review.

The only negative this beer has is the aftertaste. Its off-putting at times but if you drink it fast enough you only taste it once. The size of the can be a problem but again its all about how fast you drink it. Chugging the beer literary solves any problem present. Weird aftertaste, chug it! Friends roasting your lightweight ass, chug it! Failing Stats 151, chug it! The existential dread setting in, chug the whole fucking thing!

The beer is one to look for. I always love supporting small Canadian brewery especially if they make good beer. Boxcar Comforts is a beer that beer drinkers can enjoy and definitely worth checking out.

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