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Campus Crime Beat — Feb. 7, 2017

Lesson Plan on Door Security

University staff reported three break-ins to offices on January 31 in the Education Building. Thieves stole $400-worth of items. The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) found that the offices were access because of an insecure door.

Mail Service Mishap

University of Alberta Protective Services (UAPS) was contacted on February 1 by a Department of Computer Engineering department staff member who received a suspicious and unexpected package. The parcel contained a vial with an unknown substance.

UAPS contacted the individual who sent the package and discovered they were a professor from another university. Turns out, the professor had made an error on the mailing address. The intended recipient was contacted to retrieve the package, which was found to not contain hazardous substances.

Laying Down the Law

A UAPS security guard observed a man not affiliated with the university sleeping on the main floor of the Students’ Union Building at around 8:30 a.m. the morning of February 2. Peace Officers attended and identified the man who had previously been dealt with by UAPS for loitering in university buildings. He was issued a formal trespassing citation, and left campus via public transit.

Pocketing Pity

University staff reported a man panhandling just outside the south doors of the South Academic Building on the morning of February 2. The man told UAPS officers he was trying to get money for food. The officers provided him with a list of locations to help him search for food. They then advised him of the university’s solicitation policy and directed him to public transit.

A guy followed three women to their offices and wouldn’t leave them alone. Come on, guy. It’s 2017.

In the early afternoon of February 2, UAPS received three separate complaints from women that a man had followed them to their offices before trying to strike up extended conversations. When each woman asked him to leave her alone, he refused. UAPS officers found that the man was not affiliated with the university, advised him that his behavior was inappropriate, and escorted him off campus.

Just 20 minutes later, UAPS discovered the man loitering in the same area and issued him a formal trespass notice, barring him from campus.

Crash into a shrubbery!

A University of Alberta student was driving along South Campus on February 4, when they slid off the road and into a snowbank, shrubbery, and a tree.

Luckily, a friend could assist, and the driver was able to drive out of the snow bank. The vehicle was fully operational, and little damage was sustained by the landscaping. UAPS arrived on scene to document the incident.

If you notice any suspicious activity on campus, call University of Alberta Protective Services at (780) 492-5050, or Edmonton Police Services at (780) 423-4567. In an emergency, call 911. Check back next week for more crime news.

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