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SU election races announced

The first candidates’ meeting for the University of Alberta’s Students’ Union Executive and Board of Governors elections. While campaigning won’t begin until February 27, candidates for all races have been announced as follows:


  • Marina Banister
  • Bashir Mohamed
  • Donut the Cat (Joke Candidate)

Vice-President (Operations and Finance)

  • Robyn Paches
  • Chen Liang

Vice-President (External)

  • Reed Larsen
  • James Thibaudeau
  • Lisa Zhang
  • Ankur Pandey

Vice-President (Academic)

  • Shane Scott
  • Banana (Joke Candidate)

Vice-President (Student Life)

  • Ilya Ushakov
  • Kyle Monda
  • Rabib Alam

Board of Governors Representative

  • Armand Birk
  • Mike Sandare

In addition, one referendum and two plebiscites will be voted on:

UPass Referendum

  • “Yes” Side: Fahim Rahman

APIRG Plebiscite

  • “Yes” Side: Laura Kruse
  • “No” Side: Alex Rodd

Campus Food Bank Plebiscite

  •  “Yes” Side: Heinrich Piodos

For continued SU Election coverage, keep an eye on our UASU Votes tag.


Correction: A previous version of this article did not include the VP (Operations and Finance) candidates. This has since been revised.

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