What a Time to be Alive: Half bun

I don’t care if the half bun is not a new trend. Anything truly great can stand the test of time. A few years after it became trendy to put half your hair in a lump on top of your head, the half bun is as great ever.

It’s really a best of both worlds scenario. Half of your hair is out of your face, but enough of it is down that you still look like you at least considered making an effort. By only putting half your hair in the bun, you don’t look bald or like a founding father (risks that come with putting all your hair up or pulling it back low).

Also, the half bun is truly an equal opportunity look. No one feels the need to distinguish between “half bun” and “man half bun.” It’s a hairstyle that transcends the gender binary.

Finally, as any video of baby animals will prove, smaller means cuter. A bun that’s half the size of regular one is guaranteed to be twice as cute (math!).

So, don’t judge me if I wear my hair the same way everyday for a semester. Nothing beats the half bun.

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