Yellowhead Mango Tango Shandy

Do you like mangos? Do you like getting fucked up? Yes and yes? Well buddy, have I got the beer for you. Get your fat ass off the couch, embrace the sunshine, and get yourself a pint of Yellowhead Mango Tango Shandy brewed right here in tropical Edmonton.

I enjoyed this particular heaven in a glass at Whyte Ave’s Have Mercy Southern Table & Bar. Sitting at a high table with some pals — while the surprisingly fitting “Just What I Needed” blared in the background — a pretty waitress brought us four just as pretty pints of Mango Shandy. From the first sip, this beer’s balance was spot on; citrus and mango blending perfectly with the crisp, clean lager taste casual beer drinkers adore.

The beer is made with premium Yellowhead lager and real mango and citrus puree. Did you hear that? Real freaking fruit. This makes for a deliciously fresh, fruit-infused taste, without being an overly sweet mess like the warm Palm Bays you drank when you were 15.

After pounding back a couple, I found myself on a one-way trip to Mango Land, population: a slightly drunk me. This is when I made note of the beautiful, deep, dark, orange-amber colour of the liquid in front of me. It looks like a perfect sunset in a glass — a sunset that encourages you to enjoy concerts more and make bad decisions.

If you want a beer that tastes great and is easy to drink, grab some Yellowhead Shandy to go along with your summer patio party; or drink it in the winter as a reminder to yourself that in fact you live in a desolate winter wasteland most of the year. But hey, at least our beer is good.

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