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If students in residence at the University of Alberta are lucky enough to have access to a fridge, it’s most often shared between more than a few people. Figuring that everyone in residence had some fridge horror stories to tell, we decided to go ask residents what is in their fridge, as well as how many people they shared it with.

East Campus Village
4 Fridge Users

The Gateway: What’s it like sharing a fridge with three people?
Maria Popova: The freezer will fill up pretty fast, and I’ll have nowhere to put my popsicles. It’s a group effort to rearrange and stuff everything in there. Oh, and there’s four people’s worth of liquor on top of the fridge.

Delta Kappa Epsilon Frat House
8 Fridge Users

The Gateway: What do you usually eat?
Dennis: Chicken, rice, and broccoli every day.
The Gateway: Do you guys ever cook together?
Dennis: We do houseboy chili sometimes. There’s a massive pot full of chili.
The Gateway: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten while living here?
Dennis: We had a full pig once.

HUB Mall Residence
4 Fridge Users

The Gateway: Why do you have so little in your fridge?
Afsin Ahamed: None of us can cook or find the time to.
The Gateway: So what do you eat?
Afsin Ahamed: We mostly eat out from HUB.
The Gateway: I’m trying to think about what you could make with what’s in your fridge…
Afsin Ahamed: An English breakfast, minus the bread.

47 Fridge Users

The Gateway: What’s the grossest thing you’ve seen in the fridge?
Kaylin Kim: A pig foot once with no packaging, raw beef that had become beef jerky, and baby carrots that had become black slush.
The Gateway: Do you clean out the fridge?
Kaylin Kim: I throw things out and check expiry dates. It’s sort of like working at a grocery store.

Sofia Osborne

Sofia is a fourth-year English major with a minor in philosophy. She's been writing for The Gateway since the first day of her first year because she wants to be Rory Gilmore when she grows up. Now, she's the Managing Editor and is in charge of the print magazine.

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