Album Review: The conversation I just had with my brother

Most conversations I have with my brother really serve no purpose. We insult each other, make fun of each other’s life choices and sometimes bitch about how much it sucks to be related to one another. This morning’s conversation was really no different.

My brother called me a dumbass, I called him a dipshit. He made fun of my university classes, I called him a fatass. In originality, this conversation really sucked. It tread no new ground and failed to show me the gloriousness of having a brother.

It also failed to be interesting as most of it consisted of monosyllabic insults and belching. Although some insults were rather creative, such as “backwards-ass dickface,” most of the insults fell short. One such insult being the ever popular, and ever boring, “jerk.” I think if the conversation was more varied, and contained complete sentences, it would’ve been much more enjoyable.

Also, I think the conversation would’ve benefited from exploring more complex themes like, “Who really ate the last piece of pie?” or “Why is Courtney the better sibling”?

All in all, I feel like the conversation I just had with my brother failed to serve any real point. It was sloppily put together and sometimes, felt like neither party involved was invested in it. Overall, I’d give the whole thing a grade of C. You know, for Courtney.

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