Elections throwback: APIRG “Maybe” takes a stand at Horowitz forum

This year, students will vote on the APIRG Plebiscite, to determine whether or not APIRG will continue to be funded by student fees. Fourth-year Arts student Tyler Tremblay represents the plebiscite “maybe” side.

“No one really knows what they do anyway, right?” said Tremblay at yesterday’s Myer Horowitz debate. Although the APIRG “Yes” side gave a thoughtful response, Tremblay maintained that “no one has a fucking clue.”

When asked for specific platform points, Tremblay said, “APIRG can exist. They could lose funding. It’s fine. Whatever.”

Tremblay said he hopes his campaign will convince university students to become even more apathetic and ambivalent about SU politics.

“None of this really matters. I think my “maybe” campaign captures the true disinterest of Canadian students in any political action,” Tremblay said in closing.

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