Hot takes rolling in on Drake’s newest release, ‘Sights From the 7’

Where is the 7? What is going on here? It’s good but like is it actually that good? What’s going on with Drake and Rihanna? Is he going to be doing that dad dance thing to one of these singles’ music videos again? Is he brooding or *transforming*? Nobody calls this place the 7. This song list is too long. This song list is just right. This isn’t an album, it’s a playlist. Is it a playlist? Why is there a random Frank Ocean solo song in the middle of this thing? Is that really Frank Ocean? Where is Frank Ocean? Where is Frank Ocean? Where is Frank Ocean?

I miss the Old Drake.

Victoria Chiu

Victoria Chiu is a student and writer. She is the 2018-19 Online Editor and 2017-18 Arts & Culture Editor of this site. She can be found under an immovable mountain of homework or, alternately, rifling through your internet search history.

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