PLLC residence taking applications for butlers

With the residency on track to be open, applications are now open. Must fit into one of the following types:

Type A: Geoffrey


  • British
  • Be able to low-key mock residents masterfully
  • Claim to be theatre trained
  • Must follow the sitcom tropes of a butler

Must cater to students who:

  • From west Philadelphia
    • Born and raised
  • On the playground, spending most of their days
  • Got into one little fight
    • Now lives with uncle in Bel Air

Type B: Alfred


  • British
  • Have vague former military record
    • Or vague combat training
  • Be old as fuck

Must cater to students who:

  • Spend there nights fighting crime
  • Have no parents
  • Totally aren’t Batman 😉

Type C: Mr. Carson


  • Super British
  • Ridiculously Boring
  • Have experience working in an Abbey

Must cater to students who:

  • are also boring British people
  • super rich
  • idk the PLLC don’t watch this boring ass show

Please send in resumes to

One Comment

  1. excuse you downton abbey is the period drama to end all period dramas, we no longer need another (british, white, rich ppl) period drama ever again bc downton abbey topped em all

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