Since 1980, children in Edmonton have been forced to attend the annual Edmonton Folk Festival with their family. As they age, they gain Folk Fest survival skills such as begging for used food plates and estimating a safe number of deep fried Oreos to eat without throwing up. After high school, they spend all of their time standing in the massive line up for the beer gardens. The Folk Fest cycle is complete when they become those weird aunts and uncles who drag children of bed at 5 a.m. to catch the tarp lottery. Witness them all below.


People rush in to put down their tarps on Thursday afternoon.
Ian St. Arnaud and Luke Jansen of North of Here finish playing their first song on stage 2 at Edmonton Folk Fest.
Maddie Storvold out in the crowd before her set on Stage 2, with the School of Song.
The crowd at Stage 2 cheer for the School of Song at Edmonton Folk Fest.
“Natural Blues” breakout session featuring Amos Garrett, Cécile Doo-Kingué, Monkey Junk, Paul Reddick, Steve Dawson, and Tim Williams.
Watching stage 6.
Valerie June’s boots.
Andy Shauf plays Stage 6.
Some people never leave the beer gardens.
Folk Fest lit up with candles.
Brandi Carlile plays the main stage
Lights on the hill.
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