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Streeters: What does HUB stand for?

As a residence, collection of businesses, offices, and food vendors, and a connection between Humanities, Tory, Business, Law, and Rutherford, HUB is really a hub of campus activity, but it’s also an acronym. So we asked students, what does HUB stand for?

Haley Dang

Dani Dreger – Arts II

“Humanities something building?”


Haley Dang

Maxwell Hanic – Arts I

“Housing Union Building, I’m guessing cause there’s people living here?”


Haley Dang

Cameron Bergt – Arts I

“Here U Belong.”


Haley Dang

Valérie Rwigema (left) – Arts II

“Humanitarian Union Building.”

Ochuko Ofiuvwo (right) – Business III

“I didn’t know it stood for something.”

Only Maxwell Hanic got it right, HUB was originally an acronym for Housing Union Building.

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