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Streeters: What does HUB stand for?

As a residence, collection of businesses, offices, and food vendors, and a connection between Humanities, Tory, Business, Law, and Rutherford, HUB is really a hub of campus activity, but it’s also an acronym. So we asked students, what does HUB stand for?

Haley Dang

Dani Dreger – Arts II

“Humanities something building?”


Haley Dang

Maxwell Hanic – Arts I

“Housing Union Building, I’m guessing cause there’s people living here?”


Haley Dang

Cameron Bergt – Arts I

“Here U Belong.”


Haley Dang

Valérie Rwigema (left) – Arts II

“Humanitarian Union Building.”

Ochuko Ofiuvwo (right) – Business III

“I didn’t know it stood for something.”

Only Maxwell Hanic got it right, HUB was originally an acronym for Housing Union Building.

Haley Dang

Haley Dang is a elementary education student who writes and takes photos for The Gateway. When there's no snow on the ground, she enjoys spending time in her garden growing petunias. As long as snow is falling, though, she’ll be hiding indoors with a cup of tea.

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